The strategy pursued by DATAMEDICA to assure effective, timely and successful conduct of Clinical Trials is based upon three key factors: human, scientific and managerial. By placing equal emphasis in these factors, we are able to achieve the highest collaboration and compliance from investigators, reflected in high rates of patient recruitment, protocol compliance, data accuracy, and GCP compliance.

Our positioning regarding clinical trial monitoring is to have the company working for the Client while the monitors work for the investigators. This approach is possible only because we place great emphasis in both organization and information technology, and on the training and technical development of clinical monitors. Our Clients have consistently recognized our capability to respond to all their requests, and the investigators have recognized the excellent scientific, technical and logistic support provided by our monitors.

In the consultancy areas, DATAMEDICA aims to be associated to successful projects, whatever their size is. Consequently, we position ourselves as collaborators of the Client in all technical and practical aspects of each project, working hard to fully understand the goals of the Client and to provide our best judgment as to the right strategy to achieve the greatest impact in each project.
DATAMEDICA realizes that there can be no margin for error in clinical research. Therefore, we have the greatest concerns regarding quality assurance and quality control, having developed internal quality management systems whose efficacy has been repeatedly demonstrated by a perfect record of faultless projects.